Senior Spokes Model Application
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Parent Name(s):  
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1.   FaceBook Name.
2.   Do you like to be Photographed?
3.   How many people are in your graduating class?
4.   Please list three Junior class friends and email addresses  (Does not have to be from your high school)
References may be checked.
  1) Name Email:
2) Name Email:
3) Name Email:
5.   What activities are you involved in at your school, church or community?
6.   Tell us why you would be a good candidate for our model program.
7.   What would your friends say about you? How would they describe you?
8.   Have you discussed this program with your parent(s) and have they agreed for you to participate?
9.   Are you available for a portrait session on Spring Break or possibly during school hours?
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